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Titanium Surgical Instruments, Titanium Tissue ForcepsTitanium Tissue Forceps P.10
Resano vascular forceps, With 3 articulations

SCT10088 28.0cm

Adson-Brown tissue forceps

SCT10089 1.8mm 12.1cm 7x7T

Adson Tissue Forceps, TCC

SMT10032 1.0mm 12.1cm 1x2T
SMT10033 1.0mm 12.1cm 1x2T platforms
SMT10034 1.3mm 12.1cm 2x3T platforms

Adson Tissue Forceps, TCC

SMT10035 1.0mm 12.1cm
SMT10036 1.0mm 12.1cm platforms

Nugent Forceps, Angled TCC

SMT10037 1.2mm 10.8cm