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Titanium Surgical Instruments, Titanium Tissue ForcepsTitanium Tissue Forceps P.05
Micro tying forceps, TCC platforms, Round handle,Straight

SCT10025 0.5mm 20.0cm   SCT10034 0.5mm 25.0cm
SCT10026 0.3mm 20.0cm   SCT10037 1.0mm 30.0cm
SCT10029 0.7mm 23.0cm   SCT10039 1.0mm 33.0cm
SCT10030 0.3mm 23.0cm
SCT10033 1.0mm 25.0cm

Micro tying forceps, TCC platforms, Round handle,Curved,

SCT10027 0.5mm 20.0cm   SCT10036 0.5mm 25.0cm
SCT10028 0.3mm 20.0cm   SCT10038 1.0mm 30.0cm
SCT10031 0.7mm 23.0cm   SCT10040 1.0mm 33.0cm
SCT10032 0.3mm 23.0cm
SCT10035 1.0mm 25.0cm

Micro tying forceps, With 10mm TCC platforms, Straight

SCT10041 0.2mm 20.0cm
SCT10042 0.3mm 23.5cm
SCT10043 0.3mm 27.5cm (Round handle)

Dennis micro forceps,TCC platforms,Straight

SCT10044 0.3mm 15.0cm
SCT10046 0.5mm 18.0cm
SCT10047 0.3mm 18.0cm
SCT10050 0.5mm 21.0cm
SCT10051 0.3mm 21.0cm

Dennis micro forceps,TCC platforms,Curved

SCT10045 0.3mm 15.0cm
SCT10048 0.5mm 18.0cm
SCT10049 0.3mm 18.0cm
SCT10052 0.5mm 21.0cm
SCT10053 0.3mm 21.0cm